Let’s face it - justifying new business investments usually involves achieving some sort of desired result or outcome. Without an ROI, the business case for the investment might not get approved. Shouldn’t your software providers be on the hook for the benefits they keep promising?

We certainly think so - which is why we created the NexxPhase Guarantee. Our RaaS program (Results as a Service) ensures that we only do well when you do well. With our goals in complete alignment, we can more effectively work hand-in-hand so you can achieve your desired business results.

Here are two examples of our innovative RaaS offering:

First Call Resolution Program - Nothing aggravates customers more than having to call back to get an issue resolved. With our robust routing capabilities, the NexxPhase Platform ensures that each Work Item gets handled by the most appropriate agent. Then, with our Integration layer and Mash-up capability, the agent will be able to handle the customer’s issue from within SingleView rather than having to switch between multiple applications. Sounds simple but these innovations will significantly improve your First Call Resolution.

Customer Retention Program - We recently helped increase customer retention for a major cable company and would like to help you do the same. Since our platform provides insight into customer behavior via our SingleView, your agents can deliver more proactive and personalized service to significantly cut down on costly customer defections.

Want to have some fun? Ask our competitors to offer a similar guarantee and see what happens next…

In the meantime, let’s open a dialog about how NexxPhase can help with your biggest challenges:






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