Why the SaaS Business Model Must Change to RaaS

We have long had the vision:to one day have a business model that aligns fully with our clients as partners rather than vendors.  After all, those in the customer experience business should be the first to embrace customer goals and visions, right?

Imagine side by side goals, objectives and compensation – a real team approach. Imagine real alignment that structures a partnership, not just a detached vendor relationship.

No More Empty Promises

No longer would clients have to hear from their vendors about their great “all you can eat” software at a GREAT price – only to discover later that they never even used most of those highly promoted bells and whistles. Which means that the price wasn’t so great after all.  Not to mention the PS bills that continue to flow in to support all those integrations and upgrades.

No longer would clients have to hear, “We have some great software on a monthly subscription, and good luck hitting your ROI’s we developed together!”

Or, “It all works great if you buy everything from us, including your email, chat, conversation tools, distribute workflow tools, WFM, etc.”

And what if clients want to create and track the full customer engagement by integrating the back office and remote offices? What they hear is, “No problem. For enough PS and time we can make it happen.”

We have tried this as an end user,  and WOW is it painful. Generally,  vendors have developed these offers as “bolt on” products that are not well integrated, and both client and customer suffer.

Instead, our vision includes a platform designed for simplicity, speed and efficiency that is:

  • Easy to deploy due to the Web Services Core
  • More than just a Contact Center, but a Customer Engagement Solution that provides a single view of the consumer and integrates the following:
  1. All the contact center technology
  2. CRM services and mashable desktop
  3. Communications enabled workflow to optimize the consumer  engagement
  4. Open to the integration of your own preferred technologies
  • A platform NOT built on an ACD, but a work item processing architecture treating documents, emails, chat, voice, and social all as simple work items, which collapse the consumer with the agent.
  • So open with our rich set of REST API’s, that you are willing to bet your business agility on it.

With our deep aggregation of operational and technical experience, we see exciting  opportunities for improvements every day that could significantly benefit from our powerful enabling Cloud platform. We also have partners who have skills in the area of predictive analytics, vertical self service and a whole set of unique solutions that ride on top of the  NexxPhase platform.

Results as a Service

We are excited to announce the first ever RaaS TM (Results as a Service) model, where we defer all PS fees and 50% of SaaS service fees until we meet a mutually agreeable business outcome. What’s more, the outcome is determined by you, the customer.

We are inspired by the possibilities that come from teaming  with our customers in generating a substantial business outcome. Whether it is First Time Call resolutions, an increase in retention rates, revenue uptick, or cross sell; it all depends on your priorities.

For Example:

  • We will agree to a percentage increase in First time call resolution, revenue cross sell increase.
  • We will defer PS and discount our seat rate by 50% until we obtain the mutually agreed upon business outcome. Naturally this all starts with our Customer Success Organization through an initial discovery session.

Why can we do it?  Simply because our team members have deep operations experience and the necessary expertise of those who have run many successful F500 Customer Care and Customer Engagements.

Unlike other Cloud providers and call center companies, many of us come from the operational side of the industry. We have been in the shoes of our clients. And through our highly effective use of partners we know what it takes to form a truly successful partnership with a real win/win relationship.

So let’s roll out a new era of Results as a Service that includes real and lasting client alignment.

Give us a call today and find out how you can take the first steps toward a call center solution that you can really use.





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