Make the Switch to the Cloud

Have you ever wondered if it’s a good decision to put your customer engagement and contact center in the cloud?

Being a builder, provider and expert end user, I have come up with 5 questions to ask yourself no matter the size of your organization!



Take The Self Assessment

  1. Are your end users satisfied with the solution you’re providing for them? Is it creating a great customer experience, retaining agents, and driving retention? Be sure you are retaining loyalty and revenue with your customers with whatever solution you may be providing.
  2. Do you provide your customer facing employees a single view? If a customer inquired on a service via mobile, chat or phone calls, does your agent know that? Can your agent really know the consumer through their conversation threads?
  3. Is your core competency finding the specialists that support your complex software, hardware routing, IVR, workflows, PCI, and security compliance?
  4. Do you have the expertise to meet the needs of the customer? Is this within your core competency? Due to limited skill sets, not many companies can count on this as an area of expertise.
  5. Have you been able to focus on a customer engagement solution outside the call center? Keep in mind, the customer interaction is more then just a call center—it includes the web communication and making sure the customer feels valued. That drives loyalty, revenue and credibility to your brand.

And one last question for grins. If you are looking to partner in the cloud, will your partner align with you and minimize the risk around your business outcome?

All of these questions are important to ask yourself in order to take your customer engagement and contact center to the cloud. After this self assessment, if making the switch sounds like the best option, contact Nexxphase to learn what we can do for you.

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