Smash the Silo’s How SingleView™ is the Future of Customer Engagement

The way your customers feel about your brand directly translates into the financial success of your company. It’s no coincidence that Nordstrom, Southwest Airlines and Zappos are some of the highest grossing companies. It’s not because they are the cheapest brands out there; it’s all about the superior customer experience they provide.

A company’s greatest weapon and greatest point of failure is communication. The old call center market’s method of customer interaction is begging for a change. No longer is it reasonable to expect a client to communicate with a company via telephone alone. Many companies have begun to incorporate other methods of communication into their customer interaction stratosphere, including email, chat, social media and mobile communication. This strengthens a customer’s opportunity of communicating effectively, but can also inhibit an enterprise’s visibility on the “whole picture” of a customer’s interaction, as many times as these are siloed technologies.

In tandem with explosions in technology development, consumers are beginning to change their expectations for customer experience that the old call center models just can’t meet. In fact, 71% of consumers say that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good service. The consumer wants you to know what their last conversation was, that you respect their time, and that you know them and their concerns. Whether their interaction was a back office interaction with the claims department, a service chat or a sales call, they all matter to your consumer and they should matter to you as well.

Consumers want to interact directly with companies when they want and how they want. Different consumers have different personalities and different communication preferences. By being unavailable to them on their preferred communication platforms, you won’t meet their communication needs and may be missing crucial communication opportunities.

When the Web Phase arrived, businesses that didn’t catch on quickly enough suffered defection. When the Mobile Phase arrived, businesses that failed to add a mobile platform failed to attract an exploding customer base. When the Social Phase arrived, business missed attracting the world’s largest consumer referral networks by failing to be active on social sites. Now, we are in the Integration Phase, and once again, those who fail to integrate will miss out on the benefits of the future.

All too often, companies struggle to keep up with the innumerable forms of communication. Just because you aren’t tuned into a channel doesn’t keep consumers from talking on them. Luckily, there is a great way to simplify the process by having a SingleView of what your consumers are doing.


What is SingleView?

NexxPhase Studio lets you dip into any data source to create and present a SingleView of that particular interaction to your agents. Here at NexxPhase, we created media solutions not as ACD centric, but as a simplified architecture based on a business process engine that allows all interactions—whether a chat, email, voice call, claims document, mobile interaction—to be managed as work items, all threaded together with a SingleView of the consumer.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.49.40 AM

By allowing your agents to manage the communication in a single web browser instance, they can focus exclusively on serving your customer rather than switching between applications. Your agents will be able to deliver more proactive and personalized service to significantly cut down on costly customer defections. In a nutshell, SingleViewtm empowers your agents to accelerate service calls and offer an unprecedented level of personalized, customer service.


How will this benefit you?

Firstly, you’ll be available—super available. By enabling your customers to contact you through the tools they trust and desire, they’ll never get discouraged and look for different platforms. Don’t let contact center companies dictate what tools to use; adapt to your consumers’ preferences.

Secondly, knowing your customer and replying with superior communication will help enable your workflow and optimize your business process. Nothing aggravates customers more than having to call back to get an issue resolved. Our service collects the information from calls, chats, emails, social media, etc. and combines it all into one customer service system that is optimized to reach the right people the first time. This ensures your customers will get their problems solved the first time, leaving you with satisfied customers, more time and, ultimately, more money!

The old contact centers are dead. The new world is all about engagement. Speed up your interaction and get a higher level of customer satisfaction and you will reap the benefits. A 10% increase in customer retention levels results in a 30% increase in company value.

Give NexxPhase a call. We are happy to share our future vision with you as we work together as partners.

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