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Call Center Software


CostActual usage billing...

The NexxPhase Customer Interaction Manager (CIM), is contact center software that is uniquely built on true usage-based pricing. Use a minute, Pay for a minute. No License, no minimums, No surprises.

NexxPhase charges a flat per-minute fee, based on the actual number of minutes used in a SaaS (Call Center Software - as - a - Service) delivery model. This makes NexxPhase attractive in any market, an exceptional choice if you have part-time or at home staffing, or seasonal fluctuations in your workforce.

Virtual Contact Center



MultichannelConnect with your customers...any place, any time, any device.

Traditional voice-centric call centers (sometimes called call centers software or contact centers platform) must meet the needs of today's consumer or be left behind.

You must communicate with customers in ways they expect (Web, text, voice), and give your best customers the service that will keep them coming back (Outcome-based Routing).

Second, product cycles are much shorter; therefore you need to manage change. If you can't meet a new product launch date, or accommodate changes in service processes because your system is too inflexible, the dollars you are saving every month are meaningless.

Multichannel Access



AgilityAll available in a pre-integrated, best-of-breed Contact Center offering, NexxPhase Studio models the web-based screens that support a business process. Standalone voice and web services are also easily modeled.

In addition to rapid application development, we have the integration capabilities to incorporate your back office and enterprise applications.

The NexxPhase Customer Interaction Manager gives you the best of both worlds. NexxPhase offers a tier-one multimedia Contact Center (Call Center Software) platform by combining all the core capabilities with workforce management from Pipkins, Quality assurance from VPI and agent productivity from Intradiem.

Customer Interaction



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